Groups Preconference

Santa Monica, CA

Welcome to the Groups Preconference at SESP!

Psychological scientists are studying groups from an increasingly diverse range of theoretical and methodological approaches. This year, the Groups Preconference at SESP brings together researchers representing several of these perspectives to interact and share new developments in the field.

In addition, the preconference will include several talks focusing on contemporary societal issues, including intersectionality/multiple group identities, shifting demographics, violence and extremism, and social disparities.

We hope that through talks, lunch, and informal interactions, attendees will be exposed to new ways of thinking about group processes and intergroup behavior that will stimulate new ideas and facilitate collaborations.

When and Where

The preconference will be held Thursday, September 29, 2016 at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, Room: Palisades AB.

You can register for the preconference via the main SESP conference site.


8:30-9:00    Coffee and refreshments
     Please come along to network with the attendees over a light breakfast before the talks.

9:00-9:05    Opening remarks
     Brief introduction focusing on the goals and structure of the preconference.

Session 1: Intergroup aggression

9:05-9:35    Mina Cikara, Harvard University
     Their pain, our pleasure: Intergroup emotions and aggression

9:35-10:05  Arie Kruglanski, University of Maryland
     Violent extremism and the psychology of deviance

Session 2: Data Blitz

10:05-10:15  Rebecca Littman, Princeton University
     Perpetrating violence increases identification with violent groups: Survey evidence from former combatants

10:15-10:25  Jordan Leitner, University of California, Berkley
     Blacks’ death rate due to circulatory diseases is positively related to Whites’ explicit racial bias: A nationwide investigation using Project Implicit

10:25-10:35  Serena Does, University of California, Los Angeles
     Rooting for the top dog

10:35-10:45  Calvin Lai, Harvard University
     Truth or truthiness? How desires shape truth associations

10:45-11:00  Break
     Short break to refresh and opportunity for further discussion.

Session 3: Gender and bias

11:00-11:30  Jessica Remedios, Tufts University
     Intersectional invisibility shapes responses to Black versus White women who report sexism

11:30-12:00  Michelle Hebl, Rice University
     The power of feMANists on influencing gender equity

12:00-1:30    Lunch
     Please enjoy the lunch provided and take the opportunity to meet new people and discuss the talks so far.

Session 4: Coping with discrimination and attributional ambiguity

1:30-2:00     Jennifer Richeson, Yale University
     Managing emotions in the face of discrimination: Implications for individual and group outcomes

2:00-2:30     Brenda Major, University of California, Santa Barbara 
     How suspecting that Whites are trying not to appear prejudiced affects interethnic interactions

2:30-2:50     Break
     Short break to refresh and opportunity for further discussion.

Session 5: Racial ambiguity and categorization

2:50-3:20     Jacqueline Chen, University of Utah
     The minority bias in multiracial categorization

3:20-3:50     Sarah Gaither, Duke University
     Knowing is half the battle: Biracial identity and racial ambiguity in social interactions

3:50-4:00     Closing Remarks

Conversation and networking to continue at hotel bar!

Conference Organizers:

Adam Pearson:
Kyle Ratner:
Kimberly Rios:
Jonathan Kunstman: